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Our Detailed Cookie Policy

Solitairea's Detailed Cookie Policy

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At Solitairea, we strive to provide users with an engaging and seamless browsing experience tailored to their preferences and needs. To achieve this, we use cookies.

Our Cookie Policy is designed to give you a clear understanding of what cookies are, how we use our cookies and third-party cookies on our website, and what options you have regarding accepting or rejecting cookies. By visiting Solitairea and accepting cookies in your browser settings, you are giving your consent to our use of cookies. We will inform you about this the first time you visit our website.

What are Cookies?

At Solitairea, we want to provide you with a personalized and convenient website experience. To achieve this, we use cookies, small text files sent to your web browser by most websites you visit. These cookies allow us to recognize you as a visitor, collect analytical data, and remember your preferences.

What are cookies?

Cookies can be classified into "persistent cookies" and "session cookies". Persistent cookies are saved to the disk and remain there until they expire. You can delete them manually at any time. On the other hand, session cookies are stored only for the duration of your visit to the website and are deleted as soon as you close the website by exiting the browser.

Cookies are also classified as "first-party" and "third-party". First-party cookies are stored in the browser directly by the websites you visit. In contrast, third-party cookies are stored by third-party services such as advertising platforms and analytical solutions.

Your options

When you use Solitairea, you agree to use and store cookies on your devices. You can visit our website without accepting and using cookies, but certain parts of the website may not work correctly without cookies.

If you don't want cookies stored on your device, you can deactivate cookies through the browser settings you use to visit the website. You can also delete the cookies stored on the website anytime by visiting the settings.

Categories of cookies

At Solitairea, we use different cookies for different purposes, mainly classified based on the following:

  • Necessary in technical terms (technical necessity)
  • Stored and used for a specific period (storage duration)
  • Placed and stored by us or a third party (cookie provider)

We are committed to protecting your privacy and providing a transparent cookie policy. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us anytime.

How Solitairea Uses Cookies

Solitairea uses cookies for various reasons. In most cases, disabling cookies may affect the website's features and functions, which could reduce your overall experience. We recommend accepting cookies to ensure a seamless browsing experience on our website.

Disabling Cookies

You can adjust your browser settings to prevent the use of cookies. However, please note that disabling cookies may affect your visitor experience, and some functions on the website may not work correctly.

Cookies We Set

Cookies for Email Newsletters

We offer various email newsletters and subscription services. Cookies are used to remember whether you have already registered for these newsletters and to decide whether to show certain notifications that are only valid for subscribed/unsubscribed users.

Site Preferences Cookies

To provide you with the best visiting experience, we allow you to set your preferences for how the site runs when you visit it. To ensure that we remember your choices and preferences, we need to set cookies so that the information can be stored and used whenever you interact with the website.

Third-Party Cookies

Sometimes, Solitairea uses third-party cookies that our trusted third-party partners provide.

Google Analytics Cookies

We use Google Analytics to understand how visitors use our site, which helps us improve your visit experience. These cookies track various things, such as how much time you spend on the site, which pages you visit the most, and what you prefer. This information allows us to produce engaging content for you. For more information about Google Analytics, visit the official Google Analytics page.

New Features and Functions Cookies

We understand what our users want and what they would like to change or upgrade, and we improve the website accordingly. We occasionally test new features and functions for the website and make subtle changes and upgrades to how the site works and functions. We ensure that you get a good experience and a consistent one as you revisit the site.

Google AdSense Cookies

We use the Google AdSense service to serve advertisements. This service uses a DoubleClick cookie to show relevant ads to users across the web while limiting the number of times a specific ad is shown. To learn more about Google AdSense, visit the official privacy FAQ.

Behavioral Advertisement Cookies

We use various advertisements to balance the site's costs and provide good services and products. For this, we use behavioral advertisement cookies designed to ensure that you are shown the most relevant advertisements by anonymously tracking your interests and presenting you with the most suitable advertisements.

Affiliate Tracking Cookies

We have many partners who advertise on the site on our behalf. These partners constantly use affiliate tracking cookies to monitor if customers have visited the site through one of the partner sites. This information helps us credit them appropriately and analyze if the affiliate partners should provide you with any bonus or notable credits when you purchase on their site through our website.

More Information

We hope this section has resolved most of your queries regarding cookie details. We will answer your queries shortly. If you have any doubts or questions regarding cookies, please visit the website's contact page, and you can Contact us directly regarding them.

Our Cookie Policy - Last updated: May 2023

Contact Solitairea Regarding Our Cookie Policy

Contact Us Regarding Our Cookie Policy

Contact Us Regarding Our Cookie Policy

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FAQ about Cookies

What are Cookies?

Solitairea uses cookies and small text files that store information about website visitors. These cookies allow us to provide personalized experiences for our users by remembering their preferences and browsing behavior.

How does Solitairea use Cookies?

At Solitairea, we utilize first-party and third-party cookies to differentiate you from other visitors, enabling us to deliver a highly personalized browsing experience.

What Cookies are used by Solitairea?

At Solitairea, we utilize two main types of cookies—essential Cookies, which are crucial to our website's functioning and seamless browsing. Additionally, we use Functionality Cookies to enable various features of our website and recognize you while remembering your preferences.

Can I disable Cookies?

Managing cookies is easy with Solitairea. Most browsers provide the option to disable cookies under the "Options" or "Preferences" menus. Additionally, you can access helpful help pages related to cookie management, which provide in-depth information on how to manage cookies. We recommend that you read these pages to gain a better understanding of cookies.