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Best Solitaire Moves and Tactical Tips To Beat Patience Games

Learn  how to build up sequences and win Solitaire

How To Make Winning Moves When You Play Solitaire

Written by: Robert Moore | Last updated: 20 July 2023 | Fact check by : Elizabeth Miller

With 30 years of experience, Robert Moore is an accomplished authority on Solitaire and Mahjong, having delved deep into the rules and advanced strategies of these classic games. About Robert Moore

The Free Solitaire version has come a long way, from the living room tables to the world of online games. So it is natural to want to become better at Solitaire.

In this article, we will share the best tactical tips that you can use to win in Solitaire.

Key Moves to Know

Here are some basic moves you should make in every game you play.

  • Draw a card from the stock right away so that you have more options.
  • As soon as an Ace appears as a top card, you can place it at the foundation and also place two of the same suit on it.
  • Empty spots are useless without a King. First, you need to spot a King and then create an empty spot for it.
  • If you can, shift the cards from a column having the highest number of face-down cards to other tableau piles first.
  • We always recommend that you distribute the piles evenly so that you have more options moving forward.

Reduce Number of Moves

Most Solitaire games, whether you are playing online or offline, can be pretty damn hard. Honestly, this is one of the hardest games because it tests your patience repeatedly. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you use the right Solitaire strategies while arranging cards, you can have a smooth and fun experience.

After practising for a while, you can even become so good that you finish a game in the minimum number of moves possible. In fact, our goal is to help you do exactly that.

The Moves You Make in Solitaire

When the Solitaire game begins, you will take the face-up cards and the cards from the stock and place them above other cards in descending order and by alternating between colours. This is how the cards are arranged in the tableau.

To win in Solitaire, you will do everything in your power to fill all foundation piles with cards of the same suit, starting from an Ace and ending with a King (following an ascending order).

Top Strategies for Solitaire

We can’t give you specific tips for playing Solitaire unless we know about the variant you are playing. However, there are some general tips that you can use as a part of your Solitaire strategy to improve your chances of winning in all Solitaire variants.

Here are some basic tips and strategies useful for all Solitaire players:

  • Master the Basics: Knowing all of the rules and what you are supposed to do is very important if you want to be a good player. So practice until you understand every little detail about the game.
  • Choose the Colour of the King Wisely: As we know, only Kings can be placed in empty tableau piles. If you go a step further, you will realize the colour of the King will dictate the colours of the remaining cards on a tableau pile. So you need to choose from a Red King or a Black King according to which one is more beneficial to you.
  • Freeing Face-Down Cards Should be Your Priority: You will get stuck in an impossible scenario if you don’t focus on moving cards above the face-down cards. If you can free a hidden card, it is almost always a good idea to do it.
  • Combine Same Suits: You will see several options as the game progresses. However, you need to always try to combine 2 suits while forming a sequence. For instance, if you place a Jack of Hearts on a Queen of Spades, you need to continue the sequence by adding a 10 of Spades to it if you can.
  • The Undo Button is Your Friend: It is true that using the undo button will reduce your score, but not using the undo button can cost you the game. So use the undo button.
  • Unburden the Large Tableau Piles: The large piles of playing cards will become a big issue because you won’t be able to find moves without breaking them down. So we will advise you to try to move the cards from the large piles first.

How to Win Solitaire

Solitaire is definitely a game that will positively impact your everyday life. You need to play it properly and with full focus to get the maximum benefit.

Use the empty columns well and try to create smaller piles from the large stacks. If you follow all of your tips, you will hit a winning streak in no time.

Expert Moves In Solitaire Games

Whether you are trying to build piles or deal with a large stack, it can be quite difficult to make progress. The players who are experts can easily find solutions to the common problems that novice players can get stuck in. So to help you become an expert, we will share some tips that will help you elevate your game to the highest level.

Mastering Solitaire - Expert Strategies

Now it is time to discuss some expert strategies to make you a Solitaire Pro.

  • If the first pile is much bigger than the other ones and the second one is the shortest, you should try to move cards in such a way that the first and the second pile become equal in length. This will uncover more hidden cards and give you more opportunities to add cards to the foundation piles.
  • If you are playing timed Solitaire, you need to move as quickly as you can. Don’t overthink, and use the undo button if you think you have made a mistake.
  • There is no point in creating an empty space if you don’t have a King to fill it. So you shouldn’t rush to create an empty column until the time is right.
  • It is best to try and plan a few moves ahead so that you don’t end up making moves that won’t help you.

Observation Skills in Solitaire

If there is one skill that you must have to excel at Solitaire, that is the skill of observing everything like a hawk. Without a keen observation, you can miss a game-winning move and end up regretting it later. In addition, one move often leads to a series of moves, so you must understand the cause-and-effect relationship between moves to choose the right one.

Observing Tableau and Solitaire Tiles

Observe the moves made by your opponent in Multiplayer Solitaire. This way, you can gain experience and understand the strategy that your opponent is using. Just try to get ahead when you have the chance, and the victory will be yours.

Time Management in Solitaire Gameplay

If you aren’t playing Timed Solitaire, you don’t have to worry too much about the time. Still, having the awareness to make moves quickly can help you perform better in online or competitive games. Try to get into the zone by only focusing on the cards and bringing your focus back to the game whenever your mind wanders anywhere.

Knowing When to Withhold Cards

The art of withholding cards is a hard one to master. It is natural to feel the urge to draw more cards, but you must first look at the tableau and try to spot any moves you can make.

Moving cards prematurely to a foundation pile can come back to haunt you. You can safely play aces and twos on the foundation decks, but you need to consider if other cards can come in handy before moving them.

Solitaire Card Stacking

In the endgame, you can confidently stack cards of the same suit on the foundation piles to unlock any hidden cards. If you don’t see any other way, this may help you progress and win the game.

Key Points on Solitaire Strategy

The benefits of playing Solitaire extend beyond the fun of playing it, as it improves your long-term memory and several other cognitive abilities.

While it is satisfying to win at Solitaire, the process of learning and becoming better with each game is more fun. Once you understand the simple rules of online Klondike Solitaire, all you need to do is play it as much as you can.

Be daring and try different strategies to win. Maybe, you can be the one to discover a new strategy that can help others improve their win rate. We encourage you to try our strategies and see the fantastic results.


Solitaire Moves – FAQs

Now we will look at some common questions about making winning Solitaire moves.

How can I make the best strategic use of the Kings in Solitaire?

A King can actually turn the momentum of the game towards or against you. There are only two considerations about a King you should remember. First, you should only create an empty column when a King is available. Secondly, the most beneficial colour of the King must be placed in the empty column.

How can I manage the face-down cards well in Solitaire?

The best thing you can do to a face-down card is to reveal it. The more face-down cards you reveal, the higher your chances of winning become. Generally, placing face-down cards on large sequences is a good idea to create more opportunities to move cards.

Why is proper time management necessary in certain Solitaire variants?

In online games or the Windows version of Solitaire, a higher speed of solving the game will help you score better. In Multiplayer games, the player who finishes the game the quickest wins.

Why should I stack cards from the same suit in Solitaire?

It can be tricky to find moves when you reach the endgame. One strategy you can use in the endgame is to start stacking cards of the same suit on the foundation so that you can uncover more cards and find moves.

How can my observation skills be improved in Solitaire?

It takes some practise and focus to improve your observation skills. Just look at all visible cards and try to spot cards that can be moved, and slowly, you will improve your observation skills.

How can I improve my chances of winning in Solitaire?

Use the right strategies, like combining 2 suits, moving cards from larger tableau piles, using the Kings wisely, and revealing as many face-down cards as possible. You can win more often if you use the right strategies and stay patient.