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Play Klondike Solitaire and Enjoy Hours of Engaging Tranquility

Klondike Solitaire is the most popular version of patience games.

Playing Klondike Solitaire Online For Free

Written by: Robert Moore | Last updated: 16 June 2023 | Fact check by : Elizabeth Miller

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In this article, we will look at a classic version of Solitaire that is the most popular one: Klondike Solitaire.

Klondike Solitaire is so popular that it is often referred to as just Solitaire. It is like the classic version of chess that everyone knows about, even though so many new versions have been introduced over the years.

This classic game is so interesting because it has simple rules and still provides a challenge to anyone who plays it. Pro players and new players can play this one and enjoy it. This Klondike Solitaire guide will share how you can play this game and everything else you need to know.

Klondike Solitaire Game Layout

Game Layout of Klondike Solitaire - Klondike Set Up

Game Layout of Klondike Solitaire - Klondike Set Up

Here is how the game layout should be in this version of Solitaire.

  • To play Solitaire, you will arrange seven piles of cards in a tableau.
  • Starting from the left, the first pile will have one card, the second pile will have two cards, the third pile will have three cards, and so on.
  • You will end up with seven cards on the seventh pile and 28 cards in the tableau.
  • The top card on each pile will be kept face up, while the remaining cards will be face down.
  • In addition to the tableau, the foundation will have 4 empty piles where you can stack cards in ascending order, starting from ace and ending with king.
  • The stockpile will have the cards left after setting up the tableau.
  • Your goal will be to create 4 different stacks of cards of each suit in ascending order from ace to king on the foundations. You can do so by moving cards from the tableau and the stock.

How to Play Solitaire - The Rules

How to play Klondike Solitaire online game

How to play Klondike Solitaire online game

In this game, you will try to move the cards from the stock and the tableau in such a way that you build a complete sequence of cards (from ace to king) on all four foundation piles. Let us explain the rules in detail.

  1. Tableau manipulation: A card can be placed on a card in the tableau columns if it is of the opposite color and belongs to the next lowest rank. For instance, you can place an 8 of hearts on a 9 of clubs.
  2. Foundation building: Only the top card can be moved to the foundation pile if it is the next highest card and belongs to the same suit. For instance, a 4 of hearts can be placed on a 3 of hearts.
  3. Stock usage: One to three cards will be flipped over from the stock depending on your chosen variant of this game. You can move the cards from the stock to the tableau or the foundation if it makes sense.
  4. The King's rule: A special rule allows only a king to be placed on an empty tableau pile.


Strategies to Win at Klondike Solitaire

How to win Klondike Solitaire - Ace to King

How to win Klondike Solitaire - Ace to King

Understanding the rules is necessary, but you must use strategies to excel at card games. So here are some strategies you should use when you play Klondike Solitaire.

  • Start with the tableau: You may be tempted to draw new cards from the stock pile, but you should try to make moves in the tableau first.
  • Use the stock properly: If you are given a choice between moving a card from the tableau or the stock, you should move a card from the tableau. Having more cards in stock will help you at the later stages of the game.
  • Focus on using only 2 suits to build a sequence in the tableau: If you only use 2 suits, like hearts and spades, to build a sequence in the tableau, it will be much easier to build other sequences and complete sequences on the foundation piles.
  • Don’t Rush: Players may rush to move cards to the foundation piles or make moves without thinking. If you make enough mistakes because you are in a hurry, winning will become impossible. So think before moving and consider all alternatives before you make a move.

Klondike Solitaire Variations

There are various variations of Klondike Solitaire that you must try after you master it. Following are some exciting Klondike Solitaire variations.

  1. Easthaven: Most of the rules in this variation are similar to Klondike Solitaire. However, the tableau will have 3 cards in 7 piles and 31 cards left in the stock. A waste pile is not there, so a card will be added to each pile whenever you click on the stock.
  2. Klondike by Threes: This version has the same rules as the Klondike Solitaire. The only difference is that three cards will be drawn from the stock instead of just one. So, it is more tricky to play this variant.
  3. Double Klondike or Klondike Two Decks: This version has two decks of cards and nine piles in the tableau. It is very similar to the classic version, but the two decks of cards will make it a little harder to play.

Klondike Game Practice Makes Perfect

Klondike Solitaire is also called patience, and it is an appropriate name because this game requires plenty of patience and practise. It is not just about arranging cards in the correct numerical order, but it is also about having fun and improving your cognitive abilities.

While playing this game, you don’t have to rush or worry, as you will get unlimited passes through the deck. You can take your time and keep learning as you go.

You will start spotting your mistakes after you lose several times. Finally, you will feel confident enough to start winning.

Once you become consistent and start winning, you can play more games. This is your first step towards mastering all types of Solitaire, so don’t hesitate and play Klondike Solitaire.

Revealing hidden cards and how to progress in Klondike Solitaire

Revealing hidden cards and how to progress in Klondike Solitaire

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Keep following our site, and you will become a Klondike Solitaire Expert in no time. If you want to master any other version of Solitaire, we assure you that we will help you achieve your goal.

Klondike Solitaire Key Points

Key Points and Klondike Solitaire Kings and Aces

Key Points and Klondike Solitaire Kings and Aces

Klondike Solitaire is one of those famous classic novels that will be remembered for generations to come. Playing it is easy, but it takes time to master the gameplay.

It is perhaps one of the easiest versions of this game, and that is why it is so popular. Once you get the hang of the game, you will always find yourself coming back for more.


Klondike Solitaire FAQ Section

Here are some common questions and answers related to Klondike Solitaire:

What is the goal of Klondike Solitaire?

You are supposed to move all the cards from the tableau and the stock to the foundation and place them in the right order.

Can you explain the tableau arrangement in the Klondike Solitaire?

There are seven piles of cards in this game. Starting from the left, each pile will have cards equal to its number. So the first pile will have only one card, and the seventh pile will have seven cards. You will only see the top card on each pile, as the rest of the cards will be kept face down.

When can you move a card to the foundation in Klondike Solitaire?

A card can only be moved to the foundation if it is the next highest card and matches the suit of the card in the foundation. For example, you can place a queen of hearts on a jack of hearts in the foundation.

How can I use the Kings in Klondike Solitaire?

Kings are special because only they can be placed in an empty tableau column. So you have to keep an eye on kings and use them wisely.

What are the different variations of Klondike Solitaire?

The popular variations of this game are Easthaven, Klondike by Threes, and Klondike Two Decks. In Easthaven, there is no waste pile, and three cards are placed in 7 piles in the tableau. Three cards are drawn at once in Klondike by Threes. Finally, Klondike Two Decks is played with 2 decks of cards.

How can I master and improve my Klondike Solitaire strategy?

You can follow the strategy of others or develop your own only when you practise and stay focused. Always try to make moves in the tableau first, use the Kings well, don’t rush to build the foundations, and utilize the stock to the fullest.