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Winning Solitaire Tips and Tricks and Gain Expert Game Insights in 2024

Master the best tips and tricks to win in Solitaire

The Best Solitaire Tips from Pro Players

Written by: Elizabeth Miller | Last updated: 11 July 2023 | Fact check by : Robert Moore

Elizabeth's mastery of Solitaire, cultivated through three decades of play and rigorous study, has positioned her as an innovative and highly respected expert, trusted by enthusiasts and novices alike. About Elizabeth Miller

A game that is challenging, strategic, and perfect for self-improvement is Klondike Solitaire or just Solitaire. To enjoy the several benefits this game offers, you need to come up with your own strategy and also follow the tips and tricks we recommend.

Let us explain some tips that will improve your winning rate and make the game much easier to play.

How to Improve at Playing Solitaire

When you play Solitaire, the first thing you must remember are the rules. The second thing you have to remember is the objective of the game. You will try to move all cards to the foundation piles by arranging cards of the same suit in ascending order.

Solitaire Klondike is one of the simplest Solitaire games, but a solid Solitaire strategy is needed to get the best results. The right strategy can be the difference between a win or a loss. So let us look explore Solitaire strategy now.

Consider Your Moves Carefully

Uncovering hidden cards, drawing from the stock, moving cards to the foundation piles immediately, and creating an empty tableau pile are some of the moves you can make in the Solitaire game.

Always remember that just because you can make a move doesn’t mean you should make it. First, you must consider if the move can actually help you in the long run or not. If it only helps you in the short run, you should avoid it.

For example, you can move a three of hearts to the foundation pile at the beginning of the game. It may seem like a decent move, but you should avoid making it. The three of hearts can be placed on a four of spades and allow you to place a 2 of spades or clubs on it and uncover hidden cards.

In short, you have to reason and think about the possibilities before making a move.

Prioritize the Columns

The game should always start with moving cards in the tableau piles. This will allow you to uncover face-down cards and also be ready to place a useful card in the columns when it is drawn from the stock.

In addition, it will also save you time as you won’t have to go through the stock to find a move, which will be very helpful in playing Timed Solitaire.

Managing Your Hand

It is best to avoid transferring a low-ranking card with a ranking of 5 or below from the stock to the columns in the beginning.

Since each card comes with a counterpart, like 4 of spades for a 4 of clubs, you can wait to uncover the counterpart from the playing cards in the tableau. This way, you can uncover more cards in the tableau and improve your chances of winning in Solitaire.

Playing Timed Solitaire - Start the Ace Piles

The Aces and twos should be transferred to the foundation decks straight away. You won’t benefit from having the two on the tableau columns as it may block other cards, and you can only place an Ace on top of it. As the game progresses, the two can become a burden and stop your progress if you don’t transfer it timely.

Avoid Moving 2s onto 3s

Placing a 2 on top of a 3 is a common mistake even experienced players can make. The fact is that the 2 won’t help you expose any cards, as the Ace can be transferred to the foundation right away. It will stop you from moving the 3 and other face-up cards below it to the foundation piles when the time is right. So you can leave the 2 in the stock until the matching Ace appears.

Flip the Top Stock Card First

You can immediately draw the top card from the stock before you do anything else. This will give you one more option, and maybe, the top card can prove to be a crucial part of the puzzle in this card game.

Pay Attention to Kings and Aces

Only Kings can be placed in an empty space, and Aces are the first cards placed on the four foundation piles. You have to remember the roles of these special cards and use them accordingly.

An Ace on top of a pile will block the remaining cards, and a King must always start at the bottom of a pile. So you need to use these cards correctly to win Solitaire.

Solitaire Strategies - Start with Longer Stacks

Moving cards from larger piles will unlock more options and allow you to convert them into smaller piles. You can understand the benefits of moving cards from larger piles by ignoring larger piles for just one game, and you will see how much more difficult it becomes to win.

Distribute Tableau Piles Evenly

New players want to gain instant satisfaction by completing a single pile. However, you should try to have balanced piles and not have useless empty columns or large piles.

Having balanced piles allows you to get more opportunities to unlock a hidden card and have a better game overall.

Don't Empty Tableau Slots Without a King

Before creating an empty column, you need to first look for a King that can be placed in it. If you don’t see a King, you can wait until a King presents itself. Otherwise, the empty column will prove to be useless.

Be Mindful of Building Foundations

Some people want to move cards to the foundations whenever they get the chance. However, cards that are higher than two can be useful for revealing other cards and making moves in the tableau.

The right time to start moving the cards to the foundations is when you are nearing the end of the game. Also, move cards only when you are sure they won’t be useful later on.

The Colour of the King Matters

Whether you place a Red King or a Black King on an empty column can be the difference between a smooth game and a difficult one. You should always look at the available cards and see which King should be placed in the empty tableau.

For instance, if you see a Queen of Hearts and a Jack of Spades, you should go with the Black King. You can wait for a while if the desired colour of the King is not available to you yet.

All the tricks and tips we shared will certainly improve your Solitaire score while playing online. In fact, you can apply them to most Solitaire games and enjoy becoming a true master of the game. Always be patient and take breaks after you feel tired. We know that you will be a Pro Solitaire Player in no time.


Solitaire Tips and Tricks – FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions about Solitaire tips and tricks:

What should I do when the game of Solitaire begins?

Make moves only within the tableau and only draw the first card from the stockpile to have more options. This will help you have a solid start and an easier game.

What is the most important tip to remember while making moves in Solitaire?

Always remember that each move is important and affects how the rest of the game is played. So you need to consider how a move can affect the game and see if it is worth making.

What should I do with the 2 cards in Solitaire?

The 2 should stay in your hand or the stockpile until a matching Ace appears, and then it should be transferred to the foundation with the Ace. Since a 2 card doesn’t help uncover any cards, it is best to move it to the foundation right away.

What should be the strategy to deal with 2 cards of the same rank and colour?

Two cards of the same rank and colour are cards like a King of Spades and a King of Clubs. When you are dealing with such cards, you have to pay attention to detail and try to see moving which card could be more beneficial.

What shall be done after emptying a tableau slot?

A King should immediately be moved to the empty space in the tableau. After placing the King, you can start placing other cards like Queen and Jack to build a sequence.

What should I keep in mind while building Ace foundations?

Never move cards to the foundations until you are sure you won’t need them later for making moves in the tableau. If you move cards to the foundation prematurely, you might get stuck. Moving Aces and twos immediately is safe, but all other cards must be moved after careful consideration.