APRIL 2024

Spider Solitaire Strategy - Increase your Chances of Winning!

The right Spider Solitaire strategy will make you win most of the time

Strategies For Your Spider Solitaire Game

Written by: Robert Moore | Last updated: 23 June 2023 | Fact check by : Elizabeth Miller

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Spider Solitaire sounds dangerous and complicated, and it is. Those who like to play games at a higher level will enjoy the intricate puzzle that this game presents. It is more satisfying to win a game of Spider Solitaire than most Solitaire variants because it is a rare and hard-earned achievement.

We here at Solitairea.com will explain strategies you can apply to conquer this interesting card game of Spider Solitaire in the following guide. Beginners and advanced Spider Solitaire players will benefit from this guide. When you are done reading, you will be able to build sequences easily and expose hidden cards like a pro.

Empty Columns & Hidden Cards Strategy

We have always advocated that you create an empty column and use it to maneuver cards that block progress. Still, you must first look at your options and only make the most beneficial moves. If you create an empty column by making less than optimal moves, it can cost you.

The crucial thing you have to remember is not to rush and always use those strategies that fit the current set of cards well. So we will recommend that you focus on adding order, which means having fewer suit changes while creating sequences.

As soon as you add order to the game, revealing hidden cards and making progress will become much easier.

In short, don’t rush to create empty spaces and wait for the right opportunity to do so.

Winning Strategies For Playing Spider Solitaire

The path to victory in all Spider Solitaire games is usually between order and disorder. Sometimes, you have to focus on stacking cards that belong to the same suit. In other scenarios, you don’t really worry about the suits of cards and stack them to accomplish your goal.

For example, you are doing well by creating stacks of cards of the same suit, but you see that the only way to move forward is to combine the suits or deal cards from the stock. In this case, you shouldn’t hesitate and combine suits to reveal more hidden cards and have more options overall.

Ideally, you should have one or two stacks that contain cards of different suits so that the rest of the stacks can be moved easily. Also, it is much easier to create an empty pile when you don’t hesitate to combine suits.

Before moving cards to empty spaces or combining the suits in a sequence, you need to think about the rest of the moves available to you. Start considering all moves available to you and their consequences, and become a true master of Spider Solitaire in no time.

Mixed or Single Suit Strategies

The game becomes more complex as you switch to Spider Solitaire with multiple suits from One-Suit Spider Solitaire. A card blocking another one and having issues in revealing face-down cards are much more common in a game with multiple suits.

You need to adjust your strategy according to the number of suits. Combining or not combining different suits is an essential decision you must make. Mixed sequences that open up opportunities should always be welcomed. Also, delay moves that will stop a sequence from being completed and wait for the right card.

A vacant column can be a great resource, and you can easily create it if you keep creating sequences that seem natural. Just don’t forget the game’s objective, and get used to rearranging cards to have more order after you can draw new cards.

Rearranging Card Sequences

You can’t move an entire sequence if it has more than one suit, so you may need to use empty piles to move a part of it. In addition, we recommend building sequences with higher cards first because sequences with lower cards can get finished quickly, and then you can get stuck.

Ideally, you can move a sequence of high cards with a King to an empty column and start building it there. This way, you won’t block any cards and can create a complete sequence for transferring to the foundation.

One of the most overlooked strategies is simply to use the undo button to correct moves you made a while ago. Your score will reduce if you use undo button, but it should be used if the alternative is losing the game or creating several issues.

Overall, Spider Solitaire is more than a game of building a card sequence or revealing that final hidden card. It is a game where you have to think about your strategy carefully and adjust it as you go. Once you understand the game state and how different movements affect it, you can win more often.

9 Winning Spider Solitaire Strategies

In the quest to stack all 8 foundations with descending sequences of the same suit from King to Ace, you will have to make plenty of difficult choices. You need a good strategy to win, so let us help you with some advanced tips to give you the edge:

  1. Least Hidden Cards: If you want one clear column, you should target tableau columns with the lowest number of hidden cards. This way, you can create temporary storage for any unwanted cards easily.
  2. Order Over Turning: As we mentioned before, the order is about having fewer suit changes to easily transfer cards together. You can’t really think about winning if there is too much disorder in your game. It is the balance between the two (order and disorder) that is required to win in a challenging game like the four-suit version of Spider Solitaire.
  3. Disorder Over Order: You can have one or two columns with multiple suit changes to maintain the order in the remaining cards. The problem is that it is really hard to pick which column should be left disordered, so you will have to learn how to do it with experience.
  4. Moves Have Consequences: The consequences of each move have to be considered, and you have to think about the next series of possible moves after making a move. Just making a move because it looks good is not the right way to play this card game.
  5. Rank Break Chaining: This may sound like a complicated strategy, but it is simply about making moves to stack cards in descending order so that they follow the right rank order. Using this strategy will boost your chances of victory by a huge margin.
  6. Consider Unavailable Scenarios: If you can move a card that is blocking other cards and then get another favorable card, it may help you get close to creating a complete sequence. Therefore, you have to think about scenarios that aren’t available yet if you want to be a few steps ahead and win the game.
  7. Empty the Piles in the Early Game: Only an empty column can be used to store cards that are stopping your progress. So your focus should be on emptying a smaller tableau column for your use.
  8. Prioritize Building on Higher Cards: If you create sequences with high cards, you can keep them going for a long duration. However, sequences with low cards can be finished quickly, and you will find it hard to make progress with such sequences.
  9. Utilize the Undo Button: The undo feature can be your most precious resource if you aren’t afraid to use it when needed. Don’t worry about the score; use the undo button to undo any mistakes.

There is no doubt that Spider Solitaire is a double-edged sword where one victory can bring you immense joy, and a streak of losses may follow you for a long time. So, you have to stay patient and use the strategies mentioned here to improve your game as much as you can.


Spider Solitaire Strategy – FAQs

Following are the most asked questions about the Spider Solitaire strategy:

What should be my strategy when choosing the column to expose a hidden card in Spider Solitaire?

The most obvious choice should be a column with the smallest number of hidden cards while trying to expose a hidden card. This will help you clear that column and use it to your advantage.

How do I use order in my Spider Solitaire strategy?

You can introduce more order to the game by making sure that there are very few or no suit changes in the sequences that you build. This will make it easy to move cards and manage so many columns easily.

How can I use disorder while playing Spider Solitaire online?

You may want to have all tableau columns ordered, but it is not possible in most games. Therefore, you have to choose one or more columns to have multiple suit changes so that the order in other columns can be maintained. If you balance order and disorder well, your winning chances will greatly improve.

What is rank break chaining in Spider Solitaire, and how does it aid in winning the game?

In this strategy, you will try your best to remove rank breaks so that cards follow the descending order and the order in the game increases. Obviously, this will make it easier to create long sequences and win the game.

How should I deal with columns having fewer cards in Spider Solitaire?

You should try moving cards from the columns with fewer cards to create empty columns. However, you also need to do your best to maintain order and avoid making moves that do more harm than good.

How can I use the undo function in Spider Solitaire?

You can simply find the undo button and click on it to reverse the move that you just made. You can reverse as many moves as you want, which can help you try different moves as a beginner.