APRIL 2024

The Spider Solitaire For Beginners Guide and How to Win (2024)

Learn how to play Spider Solitaire as a beginner

Beginner Spider Solitaire 2024 Guide

Written by: Robert Moore | Last updated: 29 June 2023 | Fact check by : Elizabeth Miller

With 30 years of experience, Robert Moore is an accomplished authority on Solitaire and Mahjong, having delved deep into the rules and advanced strategies of these classic games. About Robert Moore

Have you started winning too often in your Solitaire games? Are you getting bored of playing the same Solitaire games again and again? Then it's time to try an exciting game called Spider Solitaire.

Right off the bat, you will notice that this game has 2 decks of cards and variants with multiple suits to make things more complicated and fun.

It is not a game you would want to play all the time because it can be very hard to win. However, there are strategies that will improve your chances drastically.

The problem is that you need to be aware of all rules before you can think about playing this extraordinary game of cards. So that is why we will explain everything you need to know in this Beginner Spider Solitaire Guide.

The Setup of Spider Solitaire for Beginners

Here is how you can set up this game easily:

  • Take 2 standard decks of cards and shuffle them properly.
  • Then you will take the cards and construct 10 columns in the playing field or the tableau.
  • You will construct the tableau columns so that the 4 leftmost tableau columns will have 6 cards, and the remaining ones will have just 5 cards.
  • Like other Solitaire variants, the bottom card of each tableau column will be a face-up card.
  • After you finish constructing the tableau, only 50 cards will be left, and you will place them in 5 equal stacks as part of the stockpile.
  • You can move any face-up card around to build sequences in descending order and deal new playing cards from the stockpile when you run out of options.

Turns in Your Spider Solitaire Game

While playing Spider Solitaire, you will usually see how many turns or moves you have made at the bottom of your screen. If you want to be considered a pro, your turn count should be as low as possible.

It will take a while to understand the scoring system, which can vary slightly from site to site. You don’t have to worry about losing the game by making too many moves, but we recommend minimizing the moves for the highest score.

The good news is that your score increases when you construct sequences and turn over a face-down card. As long as you use the new cards well, you don’t have to worry about the turn count.

Play Spider Solitaire - The Rules

All Spider Solitaire variants share the same basic rules. The difference arises because some variants have multiple suits, and this changes how the cards are moved.

Following is a detailed explanation of the rules of various variants of Spider Solitaire:

Rules for Playing 4 Suit Spider Solitaire

The Four Suit version of Spider Solitaire is crazy and one of the most brutal Solitaire games ever made. The good news is that you can combine suits to form sequences as long as you create a descending sequence.

For example, a 6 of hearts can be placed on a 7 of spades, and a 5 of clubs can be placed on the same 6 of hearts. So a sequence can end up having 5, 6, and 7 cards of different suits.

The limitation of this game is that only the cards that belong to the same suit can be moved together as a sequence. Ultimately, you will have to create sequences of the same suit from King to Ace on the foundation piles to win the game.

Unlike free Klondike Solitaire games, you can easily place any card or a sequence of cards in an empty column in Spider Solitaire with Four Suits.

Playing Spider Solitaire - 2 Suit Version Rules

When you play this version with two suits online, you will usually see only 2 suits of cards in the play area. So it is easy to stack cards and move them as only two suits exist. Just like the other variants, only cards of the same suit can be moved together.

If you want to play this one at home, you can treat cards of different colours as belonging to a different suit. So the cards of hearts and diamonds will be one suit, and the cards of spades and clubs will be another suit.

The rest of the rules are the same as the Four Suit variation, and any sequences you complete with cards from King to Ace can be transferred to the foundation.

1 Suit Spider Solitaire Version - Same Basic Rules

You should play this variant if you want to win Spider Solitaire. It is easier because it only has a single suit, so you can stack cards without worrying about the different suits. Still, you will have to follow the descending order, as it has the same rules as the above two variants.

When you play this one online, you will notice that all face-up cards and cards from the stock belong to the same suit. If you want to play it at home, you can assume that all cards belong to the same suit and stack them in the correct order.

Beginner Strategies to Dominate in Spider Solitaire

Here are some basic tips to improve your Solitaire strategy as a new player:

  • Look at each exposed card and see if it can be moved or not before you draw any cards from the stockpile.
  • It is best to create sequences with just one suit. However, you should know that it is not always possible, and combining the suits is essential to win.
  • In the case of Solitaire with multiple suits, try to create sequences with all suits as the game progresses.
  • If you can’t see any moves after drawing from the stock cards, you can undo and see if you missed anything.
  • If you are close to finishing a sequence, put all of your energy into finishing it to make the game easier.

Key Points For Spider Solitaire Beginners

You can play any variant of Spider Solitaire, but your job will always be to stack cards in descending order and fill all foundation piles with them. So the King will come first, then the Queen, followed by the Jack, and the sequence will end with an Ace.

The variations in the game exist only because of the different suits, and the basics will always be the same. All you have to do is look for cards with the next highest value and stack cards on top of them. If they belong to the same suit, it is fantastic. If they don’t belong to the same suit, you can stack them temporarily to progress further.

As a beginner, undo button is your friend, and you should never think twice before using it. Remember, you are only trying to learn how the game is played and not thinking about scoring high.

Try to devise a strategy that suits your playstyle, and don’t worry too much about losing. In the end, it is all about having fun.


Beginner Spider Solitaire – FAQs

Here are the most asked questions about the Spider Solitaire card game:

What is the common objective in all variations of Spider Solitaire?

You are supposed to stack cards in descending order and make sure that they are of the same suit to win. Each sequence will start with a King and always end with an Ace. If you are able to build such a sequence of the same suit, it will be automatically transferred to the foundation pile. Once you build 8 sequences, you will win the game.

What are the differences between 1 Suit, 2 Suit, and 4 Suit Spider Solitaire?

The main difference in these variants of Spider Solitaire is the number of suits. Spider Solitaire with One Suit has a single suit, which could be any suit, like diamonds or spades. 2 Suit Spider Solitaire divides the black and the red cards into different suits. Finally, the 4 Suits Spider Solitaire has all 4 suits, making it one of the most exciting and complicated Solitaire games.

Why is strategic planning important in Spider Solitaire?

Spider Solitaire is unforgiving and a bigger challenge for new players than anyone else. So you must have a plan to tackle the game and arrange the cards correctly. If you don’t have any idea what you are doing, you will undoubtedly stack the cards but never get a win. Therefore, the right strategy is a must.

What advice would you give someone struggling to win at Spider Solitaire?

We want to assure you that you are not alone and that losing is part of the game. However, you can improve your win rate by following tips like playing slow and thinking about each move strategically, focusing on sequences with one suit, avoiding drawing from stock before you are out of options, and using the undo button when needed.

How is my score in Spider Solitaire affected by the number of turns?

Each move that you make will reduce your score slightly. As long as you are making the right moves, you will boost your score by creating sequences and uncovering cards. So the effect of a higher number of turns can be neutralized by making correct moves.

What is the effect of the setup of Spider Solitaire on the gameplay?

If the setup is wrong, you might find it impossible to win. The good news is that it is easy to set up the game if you follow the instructions we have shared above. In online Solitaire games, the website does the setup, so you can start playing right away.