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History Behind Spider Solitaire and How The Game Evolved

Explore the history of Spider Solitaire

Origins of Spider Solitaire Card Games

Written by: Elizabeth Miller | Last updated: 19 June 2023 | Fact check by : Robert Moore

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All of us here at Solitairea.com are excited to bring you the history of one of our most beloved games Spider Solitaire. We will soon explore how Spider Solitaire came into the picture and became one of the most popular Solitaire variants ever.

One of the first books on Patience or Solitaire games was published in the eighteenth century, and France is considered the country where this beautiful game originated. Some people claim that even Napoleon was addicted to playing Solitaire. However, we don’t find such claims hard to believe because this game is very exciting.

Spider Solitaire is an advanced version of Solitaire that utilizes 2 decks of cards.

The Spider Solitaire Card Game

Fortunately, we know a lot more about Solitaire Spider history than basic Solitaire. However, the origins of this game can be traced back to 1917.

The Spider Solitaire game was one of the most innovative and challenging Solitaire games when it was finally released. The game became even more complex over the years as variants with multiple suits were introduced.

Commercial Solitaire Game History

Spider Solitaire wasn’t a new game when Microsoft included it as a part of Windows 98’s Microsoft Plus Package. It became immensely popular because of Microsoft, reaching all those who used Windows.

Back in the day, there weren’t many graphically advanced or exciting games, so people were more likely to try something new like Spider Solitaire. Even though it was challenging, the computer version of Spider Solitaire became the most-played game on Windows in 2005.

So Microsoft Spider Solitaire became not only a popular game but also a part of the history of Solitaire forever.

Spider Solitaire Microsoft Windows Version

What Microsoft did for the popularity of this game can’t be understated. Who knows what would have happened if they hadn’t included Solitaire games in Windows? Maybe, we would have been writing about a different game at this time. Still, we are glad that Microsoft recognized that Solitaire was a fun game that gave your mind some good exercise.

Even at Solitairea.com, Spider Solitaire is one of the most popular Solitaire games. We know you are tempted to play one game now, but please continue reading for more interesting facts about this game.

Computer Version and Virtual Spider Solitaire

People have now become even more excited to play Spider Solitaire, and the popularity of the game seems to be at an all-time high.

It is hard to start playing this variant, and new players may want to start by playing something like Klondike green felt Solitaire. Still, once you stack all eight suits on the foundation piles, you will get excited about playing this game.

Spider Solitaire history shows us that this game has stood the test of time and surpassed most of the Solitaire variants.

Simplified Version of Spider Solitaire

The easiest virtual version of Spider Solitaire is the one with only one suit. In Windows, players could easily choose the type of difficulty they wanted. There were three levels, which were beginner (one suit), intermediate (two suits), and advanced (four suits).

They even included the option to highlight any possible moves by clicking on the score panel in Windows XP. Most players might have enjoyed playing the one-suit version in the past, and that is still a popular version of this game.

Most Played Game on Personal Computers

After being recognized as the most-played game on Windows in 2005, Spider Solitaire has cemented its position as a solid Solitaire game.

Most old players might remember playing this game on Windows back in the day. Since all Solitaire games are single-player games, players who were bored might have enjoyed more than a few sessions on Windows.

The different software implementations offer enough variation not to let the players get bored. The reason why Spider Solitaire has done better than several other variants is that it gives you options with various difficulties. Once a player became good at the single-suit version, he quickly switched to the double-suit version and continued playing.

Beat the Eight Foundation Piles

Spider Solitaire is still the game it was when it first came into existence. The difference is that a few handy tools that did not exist before are at your disposal today. You get more options when you play online, like a timer, undo button, and the ability to track your score.

The journey of this game from the tables to the world of computers took some time, but the game only improved with time. We are sure this game will continue to do well in the future because anyone can enjoy it from the comfort of their home.

After standing out in several versions of operating systems, Spider Solitaire has now moved online. Now it can reach more players than ever before, and more people can now enjoy adding the completed suits to the foundation. In fact, a completed suit will automatically be moved to the foundation pile in online Spider Solitaire.

Different Software Implementations

You will find yourself unlocking face-down cards and trying to fill the foundation piles, whether you play the basic version or a new variation. You can also play Multiplayer Spider Solitaire and get the maximum score to beat the other players.

The future of this game can offer some exciting possibilities. Maybe, we will see Virtual Reality Spider Solitaire soon. Virtual Reality Spider Solitaire could be a fun way to combine the realism of the real world with the convenience of online play.

Now you know about the past of this card game, and you can use the playing cards to shape the future. We here at Solitairea.com welcome you to join us and help shape the future of not only Spider but other variants of Solitaire as well.

Join in on all the fun today! Play the game and see how well you score. Maybe, you can reach a high score and become part of the history of Spider Solitaire.


The History of Spider Solitaire – FAQs

Let us answer some questions you may have about the history of Spider Solitaire now.

Where does Spider Solitaire first appear in literature?

The game first appeared in a book called “The Illustrated Book of Patience Games” in the year 1917.

What is the meaning of the word ‘Spider’ in Spider Solitaire?

The word Spider is used because this game has 8 foundation piles, which are equal to the number of legs a spider has.

How has the digital age contributed to the popularity of Spider Solitaire?

The Microsoft version of this game included as part of Windows software in the 90s had given it the much-needed boost to become popular. The transition from a software game to an online game followed quickly, and now, Spider Solitaire has become one of the most popular Solitaire games ever.

Why did people consider having two decks of playing cards a luxury when Spider Solitaire started becoming popular?

There was a time when cards were considered luxury goods, and most people couldn’t afford to buy two decks of cards. That is why having two decks of cards was considered a luxury.

What makes Spider Solitaire special when compared to other Solitaire variants?

The different difficulty levels and the lower winning rate make this one of the most exciting and difficult variants of Solitaire. This game is so complex that you may discover a new strategy after playing for years.

What can the future of Spider Solitaire look like?

The next step for this game seems to be virtual reality, but it could be anything else. Your guess is as good as ours because the future will come with several fantastic possibilities, and we are very excited about how this game will evolve.